The Semmco Life Protection Systems RP100 Full-Face Mask and Half Mask are innovatively designed with the end user in mind; protective, comfortable and lightweight to wear.  The Full Face Mask features a riot shield level impact tested visor. Weight is evenly distributed due to side fitted dual filters, a key benefit for users when wearing the masks for long periods of time. Both masks are available in three sizes giving excellent face fit results.


Part No.: 802.200.00

Full Face Mask CL1 Small

Part No.: 802.200.03

Full Face Mask CL2 Small

Part No.:802.200.01

Full Face Mask CL1 Medium

Part No. 802.200.04

Full Face Mask CL2 Medium

Part No.: 802.200.02

Full Face Mask CL1 Large

Part No.: 802.200.05

Full Face Mask CL2 Large



Part No.: 802.201.00

Half Mask Small

Part No.: 802.201.01

Half Mask Medium

Part No.: 802.201.02

Half Mask Large



The RP100 FitCheck® range of products include the world’s first in-mask quantitative daily FitCheck® system for use with the RP100 Full Face Mask and the On-filter FitCheck® system for use with both RP100 masks. Both are designed to indicate to the user that an adequate seal has been made, each and every time the mask is worn. The system checks not only the face seal but the whole mask system, including filters, for breaches that could cause leaks during use. Whether connected to the FitCheck® app or not, each pass or fail is stored directly to the device’s memory. Additional features are available with the In-mask FitCheck® including user location, temperature, activity and falls.

• Part No.:  802.204.00 

RP100 On-Filter Basic Pack 


Part No.: 802.204.01

RP100 On-Filter Advanced Pack 

Part No.: 802.204.02 

RP100 In-Mask Basic Pack 

Part No.: 802.204.03 

RP100 In-Mask Advanced Pack 

Part No.: 802.204.04 

RP100 Light Extender Pack 

Part No.: 802.204.05 

RP100 In-Mask Filter Closure Pack 

Part No.: 802.204.06 

RP100 In-Mask Storage Pack Advanced 


The Semmco Life Protection Systems RP100 Filter Range includes nine different industrial combinations, with  ultra-low breathing resistance, optimised capacity and  easy fit connection design.

Part No.: 802.203.00

Filter P3R


Part No.: 802.203.01

Filter A1


Part No.:802.203.02

Filter A2


Part No.: 802.203.03

Filter ABE1

Part No.: 802.203.04

Filter ABEK1

Part No.: 802.203.05

Filter A1P3 RD


Part No.: 802.203.06

Filter A2P3 RD

Part No.: 802.203.07

Filter ABE1P3 RD

Part No.: 802.203.08

Filter ABEK1P3 RD

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