• Automatic start - instant O2 supply for up to 30 minutes, depending on model choice

  • Maintenance free for 12 years, with revalidation at 6 & 9 years, lower through life cost than our competitors

  • Ideal for confined spaces - no bulky cylinder to carry

  • Lightweight (1.6kg) & easy to operate - only half day training required for your teams

  • Unique latex neck seal and oronasal mask design - no face mask fit test required

  • Panoramic visor allowing optimum vision from hood

  • No mouth piece to restrict communication whilst wearing hood

  • Audio & visual safety alarm indicating low oxygen level to user

  • Option to buy or hire the equipment

  • Complies to EN 13794 - PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 - ATEX Directive 94/9/EC

The hood is a polyamide material with a PU coating offering heat resistance of up to 800°C. The hood has three main components:

1. Visor, this offers the user a panoramic vision preventing any discomfort of the sight when donned

2. Latex neck seal, using latex it offers the user a much easier application and acts as a barrier preventing any irrespirable gases from entering the apparatus

3. Oronasal mask, this provides a close fit to prevent any irrespirable gases from entering the users mouth


The warning alarm is situated on the front port of the HEAD apparatus and it is a safety precaution.


This is a three stage audible alarm and informs the user on the duration they have remaining on their HEAD apparatus.


The alarm will also start automatically once pulled from its container.


The breathing bag is where all the users oxygen is stored.


When the user breathes in, the oxygen is drawn from the breathing bag and then into the users mouth.


The chlorate candle emits five litres of oxygen into the breathing bag automatically once pulled from its container.


This will provide the user with an initial supply of oxygen if required when first donned.


The KO(potassium superoxide) generator is component used on the HEAD products to generate oxygen.


They are situated on either side of the apparatus for balanced weight distribution.


All of the HEAD products are vacuum sealed by nitrogen within an aluminium foil bag.


With this, it preserves the HEAD products integrity and therefore offers a 12 year, no maintenance, shelf life.


The HEAD alarm trainer has been designed to simulate wearer familiarisation with the two-stage alarm.


The unit is supplied with a mask, head strap and integral alarm which is activated by a remote hand held control.


The remote control allows the trainer to switch between the two alarm functions, simulating the two alarm stages to the wearer.


The unit comes complete with bag and instruction manual.


HEAD training set constructed from durable PU material packed in a simulated vacuum pack container supplied in a training carry case.


The training set provides the wearer with complete familiarisation in donning and doffing along with notes for the trainer.

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