SE400AT-2 is a positive pressure demand powered air purifying respirator specially designed for first responders and other emergency response personnel. In combination with the SE-SHIELD pressurised suit, tested against chemical and biological warfare agents, the SE400AT-2 is the ideal respirator for all warm-zone activities. The SE400AT-2 & SE-SHIELD provide the ultimate protection for civil defence, police, armed forces & fire fighters in a wide range of emergency response incidents. Providing protection for the emergency responder against chemical, gas, warfare agents, biological and biochemical materials.

  • Offers longer duration than traditional SCBA
  • Provides clean, positive pressure air, up to 400 l/min peak flow
  • Effortless breathing during hard work
  • High performance Tyvek F® chemical suit
  • Suit test to provide inward leakages of less than 0.1%

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