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Life Protection Systems

Semmco LPS is a design and engineering company offering a range of innovative breathing protection for inspection, escape and working scenarios

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Semmco escape hoods Inspector Set

Inspector Set

Designed to offer simple and effective means of INSPECTION or isolation of process with total protection from a hazardous environment.

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We deliver innovative solutions to keep professional people safe whilst working in life threatening environments.

Our Respiratory Protective Equipment

Why Semmco?

Low cost emergency escape sets

Low Cost

All of our HEAD products do not require maintenance for 12 years providing a low through life cost.

Fast use emergency breathing apparatus

Fast Use

Due to the simplicity of all our HEAD products they are an easy and fast application offering more time to escape or work.

Build in safety with Semmco respiratory protective equipment

Built in Safety

The users safety is our main priority with the HEAD products, to achieve this we have an oral nasal mask, latex neck seal, panoramic visor and heat resistant hood material.

Lightweight escape hoods


All of our HEAD products weigh no more than 2 kg. This allows the user to experience an easier and more efficient means of escape and working.

Clear communication escape sets


The front port of our HEAD products has been designed to enable a sufficient level of communication for the user.

Long lasting breathing apparatus and escape sets

Long Lasting

All of our HEAD products are vacuum sealed by nitrogen within an aluminium foil bag enabling a 12 year shelf life.

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